How to Know What Cables to Purchase for Your Electric Vehicles?

A significant transformation is being seen in the automobile market. All across the world, internal combustion engines are being phased out as electric engines are replacing them. The vehicles now will be electric and would run on a battery system. Along with an electric vehicle charger, one of the most important parts of driving an electric vehicle is the EV charging cable. EV owners are often confused as to which charging cable is best for their electric vehicle. The very first things to consider before you buy an EV cable are your requirements and which cable would fit those requirement best.

When does the requirement for a separate charging cable arise?

In the past few years, you must have seen quite a few charging stations spring up near public parking lots and grocery stores. These charging stations might have a tethered unit or an untethered one.  The tethered ones are easy and convenient to use as these have a charging cable attached to them. An untethered charging point needs you to bring a charging cable of your own. Hence, if you are an electric vehicle owner, you will have to keep a pair of charging cables in your boot just in case you have to use an untethered charge point.

How does EV Charging through cables occur?

A charging cable is the one that connects the charge point at the station to the charge point in your car. It is the cable that completes the circuit, which then allows charging to occur. Once the circuit is complete, the current starts to flow from the charge point to the automobile and battery system, charging up the car batteries. When the charge in the batteries is full or the batteries are sufficiently charged, the charging process is complete.

How to Choose the Right Charging Cable for your Electric Cars?

Follow these few things that will help you select the right charging cable for your car.

  • Picking up the right connector for your car

Before going for the connector you would want to check whether your car is Type 1 or type 2 and this can be found out using the car guides. Go for a universal type 2 charger plug connector that would be best suited for your car.

  • Choosing an Appropriate Length for your Charging Cable

7.5m is a good length for a cable that is easy to use and store. You can also go for shorter cables which would be easier to store or a longer one which would have more reach.

  • Go for a Cable that has a Suitable Current Rating for your Car

The cable that you choose for charging your car should at least match your max AC charge rate (16A = ~3.6kW, 32A = ~7kW for single phase), but if you get a higher rated cable then you would be also able to charge another car at a higher rate with it that you buy in the future.

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