Choosing between the current brands of Home EV chargers in the market

A few years ago electric vehicles and the home charging stations were immensely expensive and needed special hardwiring for home installations. But now with the modern electric vehicle charging stations installing a home EV charger at home is so easy peasy and offers faster charging time. These EV chargers are not only convenient but more efficient and affordable than they were in the past.

An EV battery can be charged by simply connecting the car to the charging point using a cable. Most of the EVs support a standard charge and a fast charge either through a single connector or through separate dedicated connectors. An affordable and relatively fast charging station can supply 3.6kW; there are also some that can supply up to 7.2kW. When planning on getting an EV charger installed, consult your EV charger installer as there are houses that may not be able to accept the 7.2kW solutions.

It has been observed that Ireland is particularly well suited for EV use:-

  • Ireland being a small island, most journeys are within the electric car battery range.
  • The climate is conducive for the car batteries to work efficiently
  • Government supports the purchase of electric cars by facilitating tax breaks and grants.

Now that you know it’s beneficial to set up a home EV charger, let’s have a look at the popular home EV chargers in the market.

EO Mini Pro 2

It is one of the smallest EV chargers invented. It is good-looking, small and unobtrusive. It allows power balancing and solar charging to avoid the overloading of your electrical supply. Through the EO app, you can remotely monitor and manage your EV charging.

Myenergi Zappi EV Charger 

Zappi Charger’s installation is pretty easy. It is a smart, user-friendly charger which not only operates as a standard charger but also suggests some other modes to use green energy which is generated from the Solar PV or wind generation. There are 3 charging modes in Zappi which makes it a great choice for homeowners.

Wallbox Pulser Plus EV Charger

This is a very sturdy electrical charger which has a compact design and is very powerful in its performance. It is an ideal charger for home with a capacity of up to 7.4 kW. The charging output of the Wallbox Pulser Plus EV Charger is fully adjustable, either manually or automatically via WallBox Power Boost. In this you also have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity and app adjustable power. Power sharing option is also available. With this facility, you can connect two or more chargers to a single circuit and charge multiple EVs at one time.

EVBox EV Charger

The EVBox company is one of the largest vehicle charger suppliers in the world. This charger is a specialist in smart charging with WiFi/GPRS enabled chargers. The user can restrict and also monitor access to the charging point.

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Customer Notice

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