Commercial EV Charger Installation

Commercial EV charger installation

As more drivers are investing in electric cars, ev chargers today have become a needed amenity for the workplace, business parks and commercial spaces.

Many individuals and businesses are shifting to sustainable energy solutions and adopting electric vehicles for daily uses.

The EV market will see high growth in the coming years, with more than 20 million EV sales expected globally by 2030 and more than 60 million EV sales by 2040, which is equivalent to around 55% of the global light-duty vehicle markets.

Since Ireland is planning on banning all petrol and diesel new vehicles sales by 2030, the government has set a sharp target of 950,000 electric vehicles on roads by 2030, a very favourable and outshining government policy demonstrating their support toward electric cars.

Experts believe that electric cars will soon be mainstream, resulting in the increased need for commercial EV chargers throughout the country.

Who Can Install Commercial EV chargers?

Commercial Spaces such as business districts, city centres, shopping malls, public parking infrastructures are ideal spots for commercial EV charger installation.

All EV drivers want to leave their workspaces or the commercial spaces they visit with a full charge, so they look for businesses or commercial places with charging amenities.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Commercial EV chargers?

  • Ev chargers in commercial spaces attract more customers.

Ev owners prefer visiting businesses and commercial spaces with charging facilities convenient for customers to charge their cars while they shop or dine in at restaurants.

  • Protecting The Environment

Installing commercial EV chargers is an excellent way of showing your support to the environment and protecting it.

By installing EV chargers, you are environmentally friendly, and being eco-friendly can do wonders for your company’s reputation and make it more appealing for customers.

Ev charger installation cost

When investing in commercial EV charger installation, aim to keep costs under control and keep in mind your future EV charger needs.

Two primary factors determine the overall EV charger installation costs– 

  • The Price Of The EV Charger
  • The Installation Costs

The prices of EV Chargers depend upon the specifications offered by these charges. EV Charges offering different specifications are priced at different costs.

Commercial EV Chargers come with additional features such as back-office billing and reporting abilities.

These charges might also have additional features like built-in technology, enabling the company to accept credit card payments quickly, something not seen and needed in-home chargers.

Several additional elements like: also influence EV Charger installation costs

  • The Additional Materials Used For The Installation Process
  • The Labour Work Required For Additional Civil Work.

Cable Runs also influence the overall installation charges of commercial EV chargers.

Installing longer cable runs is more expensive, whereas installing back to back charge points can easily cut down installation costs as they share the same cable runs, charge post & similar civil works.

The Charging Speeds also have a direct effect on the installation costs.

Rapid charge points (DC Chargers) intend to charge the EVs at a high-speed rate and are expensive to install.


Customer Notice

When calculating a finance price, please note 20% of your original price must to added to your total to cover finance fees.

Installation lead time - approx 8 days