Benefits Of Electric Car Charger Home Installation

You love to drive your electric car, but you inevitably dislike looking for or waiting in a queue at a public charging station. Though you undoubtedly want to install an EV charging station at home, you may not be entirely certain of the advantages. The pros of installing an EV charging station at home bring freedom every day to homeowners and residents of multifamily buildings! The greatest choice for truly enjoying an EV is to have an EV charger at home. The advantages of having an EV charger at home are listed below.

  1. More Practical

According to reports, 80% of EV owners charge their cars overnight at home. When an electric car charger home installation is done, owners develop the practice of plugging in their car at night to charge it, much like they would on their cell phones. You can utilize the time while sleeping, knowing you won’t need your car and that you will be completely ready to leave in the morning.

  1. More affordable

Already, using an EV was more cost-effective per mile than using gasoline. But in order to lower costs, most homeowners install EV charging stations and use them at night time, when electricity rates are cheapest. Even free public charging stations at shopping malls, eateries, and other locations cost in terms of your time and the likelihood that you will spend money there.

  1. More dependable

If you opt for an electric car charger home installation, you won’t have to worry about standing in line or getting stopped when charging at nearby public charging stations. You can charge your EV while you sleep and plug it in whenever it’s convenient, giving you the assurance that you’ll have a good amount of range when you get up.

Another aspect of predictability that home charging provides is regular pricing. You can compute your cost per fill-up by determining the rate your utility levies at a specific time of day. The pricing of public charging stations is still too fresh to determine whether it will remain constant or rise during peak periods like holiday weekends.

  1. Ideal for batteries

Limiting how frequently you use a Level 3 fast charger is advised by EV OEMs. Consecutive supercharging might cause an EV battery to drain more quickly than slower chargers. Though utilizing a Level 3 fast charger has proven to adversely impact battery life, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of a free fast charger when you come across one.

  1. Brings in tenants and raises the value of the property

Building an EV charging station accessible is a way for building owners to have an upper hand in the market and attract more renters. Many automakers plan to phase out gas-powered automobiles, and since most people charge their EVs at home, residents of multifamily buildings may soon demand the construction of EV charging stations or vacate the building. Within the next two years, there will be a significant increase in demand for electric vehicles.

Acting immediately

The EV boom has begun. If you do not have one by now, you might be thinking of getting one in near future. Picking an EV may be challenging with so many new models hitting shops.

Getting an EV charger installed at your home or building will enable you to fully enjoy the satisfaction of not having to stop for gas or a battery boost, regardless of whatever EV you drive. Hurry up and contact Go Electric which makes an electric car charger home installation easier.

Customer Notice

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Installation lead time - approx 8 days