Essential EV accessories for the EV owners that cannot be missed out.

Electric vehicles, or EVs, have completely dominated the automotive industry. Owners of electric vehicles (EVs) appreciate how convenient it is to never have to add gasoline, especially in recent years when the price of oil has been rising rapidly across the globe. The fact is that there are more companies producing electric vehicles and that the major automakers have committed to making more EV accessories for the industry’s future expansion. Still, there is some concern that because EVs are still in their infancy, future problems may arise. However, there are many EV accessories you can put in your EV to virtually cure any problem you encounter while driving, so do not be alarmed. Let us get acquainted with the must-have EV accessories for EV owners.

EV Chargers

The purpose of an electric charger is very clear. Your electric vehicle will come with a charging plug that you can plug into any standard electrical outlet in your house or garage when you buy it. You might wish to get a home charging station because using your ordinary outlet might not provide you with the fastest charge.

Charging boosters

You can buy a charging booster if you want to save money on an electrician. This gadget may be plugged into a standard wall outlet and will speed up the process of charging your electric vehicle to 100%.

EV Blanket

In extremely cold conditions, a heated vehicle blanket can keep you warm, so you might want to add one to your list of essential EV accessories to buy. These blankets are more potent than conventional vehicle heaters and may be plugged into the power outlet in your car. To avoid any unintentional overheating, several models in the market provide indicators that automatically shut-off after a certain amount of time.

Additional Charging Cables

An additional charging cable could save your life if your first one breaks. It will be essential to keep one in the car if you are away from home when your automobile needs to be charged. The vehicle charging wires on these charging cables are protected from twisting or collapsing by sturdy rubber housing.

Charging Station holder

These car charging station holders hold the EV home charger in-wall, foot, and concrete installations and are appropriate for both commercial and residential electric vehicle charging stations. You can install one of them in your open parking space without worrying because they are built of stainless steel and most of them are rustproof. The installation procedure is simple, and it works with the majority of the market’s home chargers. You can choose the charging station holder that best suits your needs from a variety of lengths and models.

Extension Cords

You might need to use an extension cord if your charging connection is too short to reach your EV. Make sure it’s sturdy enough to handle the electrical load of an EV charging cable if you decide to get one.

EV Jack         

It is likely that you may have a flat tyre at some point over the life of your vehicle. Despite not being unique to electric vehicles, an electric car jack will be most useful if you experience a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere or if you need to stop and assist a stranded driver. The jack elevates the car so you can add your spare tyre and is powered by the power plug in your car.

EV tyres

Although you could technically use regular automobile tyres on your EV, it is more cost-effective to buy tyres specifically made for electric vehicles. It’s possible that many EV newbies are unaware of their quick torque. Your vehicle’s range can be increased with the help of electric car tyres.

All-Weather Floor Mats

Regardless of whether you drive an electric car or not, all-weather floor mats are a nice addition to have. They will shield the interior of your car from possible spills of food and drink as well as mud, rain, and snow. All-weather floor mats might help to preserve your car’s resale value by defending the original flooring.

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