Choosing Between a Commercial and Home EV Charging Station

With increasing number of EVs, there is constant confusion among users on whether they should install an EV charger at home or use charges that installed at commercial centers. If you’re an EV car user and going through the same question, read on to make a wise choice!

EV charging is of two types – (a) EV charging installation at home and (2) EV charging installation at a commercial set up such as an office, restaurant, etc. Both of these have their own sets of advantages and challenges.

  1. Resources required –Overall, commercial EV charging is a more expensive than home EV charging because of two reasons – (1) the EV charger at a commercial place has higher power or charges faster and (2) the customer or the user is expected to pay a fee to use the charging service. On the other hand, a home EV charging station is cheaper but charges slower as compared to a commercial EV charger. Additionally, there is a one-time installation cost attached to installing a home charger. Ensure that you go with high-quality EV installation services such as Go Electrical.
  2. Installing protocols –Installing an EV charger at home or a commercial place has its set of conditions and requirements. In a residential complex, that is, home EV charging station, there might issues related to property ownership and consent to install an EV charger, especially a multi-tenant building or a shared area. Additionally, installing an EV charging station may also attract or require higher electricity load. It can lead to regulatory penalties. Hence, it is important to know about these clauses. On the other hand, in case of a commercial EV charging installation, bureaucratic issues such as permission and licenses increase the time and resources required to get the charger installed. This also interrupts with the process of expanding the network of EV chargers.
  3. Ease of use –Lastly, and most importantly, an EV charging station at home or one’s office is very convenient as compared to hunting for a commercial EV charging station. Remember, if you live/work in an area which has ample commercial EV chargers, you can consider using them, else it is recommended to have one installed at the home or office.

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