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How is March already halfway over? Soon we will be enjoying a Barbecue or two when the sun begins to shine, the flowers begin to bloom. Did everyone enjoy the advice and resources from last week?

Putting everything else aside, allow us to present you with some fascinating events and news that will excite your passion for electric vehicles. then let us get going!

  • Know about the new: Review of the Volkswagen ID Buzz

The ID Buzz is a five-seater, full-size electric MPV and, in VW’s words, “the new face of sustainable family travel.” It is the beloved VW Type 2’s contemporary replacement. The ID Buzz includes bidirectional charging, so you can charge it on cheap electricity overnight and feed that back into your home at peak times, according to Top Gear Magazine. A complete charge using a 7kW home wall box will take 12 hours. With its panoramic front view, the front is “beautiful” inside; the infotainment system’s unevenness is the main drawback. Both the “huge” boot and the entertaining rear-sliding doors are useful. Opt for a home EV charging station to ease the experience!

  • A new surprise: The world is shocked by Elon Musk’s brand-new Tesla delivery van!

In recent months, Rivian has emerged as one of Tesla’s most significant rivals. Rivian recently produced a delivery van that was so well-liked that even Elon Musk couldn’t keep quiet. And sure enough, he just recently revealed a new Tesla van that may completely replace Rivian’s, Delivery Van.

  • Keep it within a click: Zap-Map

Refuelling is something you will need to consider more carefully if you’ve switched to an EV. Not all of us have a home EV charging station. Charge points are now less common than gas stations, which can be found directly off your exit on a dual highway or dotted all over the place. In this situation, Zap-Map is useful. In addition to helping drivers find charge points, plan longer electric trips, and pay for EV charging across networks via Zap-Pay, Zap-Map is the leading EV charging app in the UK, with 95% of the country’s public stations included in its network. The Zap-Map Forum, which allows users to communicate real-time information on charge points with a community of 150,000 EV drivers, is a cool tool.

  • Tip of the Day: Learn about your EV app.

The ranges of more current electric vehicles are far longer than those of Rowan’s outdated iOn. Together with advancements in range and charging, additional developments have also occurred. In fact, it’s worth checking out your EV’s app in addition to downloading Zap-Map. Nowadays, most automakers offer EV-specific applications with certain handy functions. This will make your experience with EVs a lot smoother.

  • Entertainer for the EV Lovers: Electrek

The Fred Lambert and Seth Weintraub-hosted Electrek Podcast feature a discussion of all the major headlines of the week on electric vehicles and green energy, as well as reader questions and the site’s most perceptive comments. 

  • EV Technology news: Green electric vehicles and 6G with lightning-fast speeds: How wood-based electronics might completely change the market.

Electric vehicles require other sources of energy since there is a demand from both the public and governments to transition away from oil. This new type of battery is more potent than its predecessors and employs a solid electrolyte rather than a liquid like lithium-ion batteries, making them particularly suitable for electric vehicles. The material possesses an ion conductivity that is 10 to 100 times better than that of comparable polymer ion conductors despite being as thin as paper.

We are just a click away to provide you with more exciting fun facts and useful news or to get your own home EV charging station. Do not delay further and just book your appointment with us today!

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