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On roads all around the world, electric vehicles are an increasingly common sight now. In the next few years, you shall not only come across majority personal passenger cars that are Electric but also transit buses, school buses and trucks. The EV world is versatile and is evolving every second.

All of you who own an EV or are thinking of purchasing one in the future, this blog by Go Electricals is just for you. Take a deeper dive into the EV world with us. Scroll for some additional yet important information about EVs. We have lots of food here for your curious mind.

Here are some fantastic things for your EV that will intrigue you quite a bit, some news you’ve not come across before, an app, a podcast about EV, a video etc.

• EV Podcast (https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/electric-cars/id1208100593?i=1000556540155)

In this Podcast, Greg asks everyone whether ‘EVs are really the best thing since sliced bread’. Julian wonders if switching his old petrol-guzzling banger with a new EV would make him greener. Greg tests a popular EV in the UK and talks to experts Mike Berners-Lee & Vicky Parrot about this new technology. The podcast is concluded with whether the electric vehicles are worth all the hype and the money.

• EV News (https://insideevs.com/news/592368/volkswagen-will-surpass-tesla-ev-sales-2024/)

According to a report by Bloomberg Intelligence, they have predicted that the top of the EV manufacturer pyramid might experience a major reshuffling. Bloomberg’s theory suggests that Tesla the global leader might not keep its crown for very long, in about 18 months it will be overtaken by Volkswagen.

• EV App of the Week ( https://www.chargepoint.com/en-gb )

Chargepoint app does it all. They are the only network with an integral portfolio of hardware, cloud services and support. With them, all businesses and drivers will be delivered with the smoothest possible experience. They believe that when everything works together, EV charging is better for everyone. They are pioneering innovative ways to make electric mobility the easy choice.

• EV Tip – One Pedal Driving

You will be surprised to know that you will need only one pedal when driving an EV. This is one of the biggest joys of owning an EV. The brake pedal in EV is largely redundant. You use only the accelerator pedal to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop the vehicle. For someone who has been driving fuel cars, getting used to ‘one-pedal driving’ takes a while but once you get used to it, there is no turning back. Now you can enjoy driving even in traffic.

• EV Video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqE49N_463c )

Each week Fully Charged Show brings you something new about EVs. In this episode of “Maddie Goes Electric”, you will get to learn everything that a beginner should know about electric cars. According to a subscriber of the ‘Fully Charged Show’, this fun series has made getting an electric car much less intimidating.

Watch this video now.

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