Install ev charger at apartments

Did you know that almost 80% of EV charging takes place either at workplaces or homes. Installing EV chargers at apartments can offer several benefits. The most important one being a sharp rise in your property values. As we all know that as a strategic move, the government plans to increase the number of electric vehicles on the road by 2020, and the government has also been growing public charging stations. Presently there are approximately 1,100 EV charging points throughout the country that are expected to rise in the next few years.

Although there are numerous public charging stations, many EV owners prefer charging their EVs at home owing to their convenience.

It also results in increased savings in the long run, as installing a home charger means you can quickly charge your EVs even at night when the electricity rates are low.

Let’s take a look at the few challenges faced when installing EV chargers at apartments:

  • The electricity supply of your apartment building can be limited, and you might require an expensive electricity supply upgrade.
  • Your building might have limited spare capacity during times of high use. It can also have excess capacity at times like overnight.
  • Managing fleets of EV chargers become difficult, more if multiple EV charger or different brands of EV chargers are installed depending upon the requirements of EV drivers.
  • EV chargers need not always be cheaply priced. The overall prices of installing an EV charger at your home may differ depending upon the unit price and installation fees.

Install EV chargers at apartments: The Process

It is all about making a solid plan and taking the proper steps to install EV charger in apartments.

The first step involves understanding and knowing more about Ev’s. You can learn more about them by finding neighbours who already have Ev’s or who wish to install them at their apartments.

The more the number of people investing in EV chargers, the more increased your chances is of being heard by the OMC.

Step two is all about researching more about EV Chargers, including the requirements and processes that are involved in installing them.

Zero in on a renowned company that undertakes to install EV chargers at home. Provide them with important details like location, the total number of car parking spaces that will help them understand the technicalities of the installation process.

Step three is to get your request approved by the OMC.

Let them know of the importance and advantages of installing an EV charger at apartments.

Give the OMC a copy of all the information you have gathered regarding this project and send them details of the installer company you have selected to receive any additional information.

Be prepared as the OMC might raise a few issues and concerns regarding the installation of EV chargers at your apartments, especially for pre-existing buildings.

Let them know and assure them that you are hiring a reputed company for the project that employs expert installers who can find easy and convenient solutions for any related issues.

Customer Notice

When calculating a finance price, please note 20% of your original price must to added to your total to cover finance fees.

Installation lead time - approx 8 days