Setting up an EV charger for your Apartment

Electric Vehicles are now an in thing, but the biggest barrier to owning an EV is the lack of charging infrastructure. For those who own an independent house or apartment, it is not that tricky to install an EV charger in your garage. In fact, you can install EV charger at apartment with just a call to GoElectrical, which is one of the leading electrical contractors in Dublin.
There are different kinds of apartments in Dublin where you need to approach differently to get an EV charger installed. Here in this article, there are a few conditions and solutions that will make it much easier to get EV charging installed at your apartment site.

Kinds of Parking Condition in Apartments

  • Assigned Parking
  • Shared Parking
  • Personal Garage

People who have their personal garages have the least amount of trouble installing an EV charger at an apartment. Those who have assigned and shared parking/garages have to hustle a tad bit, but still, there are a lot of ways in which even they can get an EV charger installed at their apartment complex. Whether it’s a personal garage EV charger installation or a shared or assigned one, in any case, you will have to get an approval from the property management company of your apartment complex before any kind of installation takes place.
Having an EV charger near your house makes owning an EV incredibly convenient. You can leave your vehicle to charge overnight when the vehicle is not in use and then wake up next morning with a 100% charged battery just like your cell phone.

EV Charger in Your Personal Garage
Having a personal garage for your EV makes installing an EV charger frictionless. A licensed electrician from Go Electrical will install the residential-grade charger which you have chosen and wire it to your electrical panel in the garage. The charger would be connected to your apartment meter. Getting an EV charger installed at your home may be the cheapest way to charge your EV.

EV Charger in a Shared Garage
In a shared garage, you will need to install a commercial-grade EV charger which would be connected to the house meter of those using the charger. The commercial chargers are a bit more durable compared to residential grade chargers.

Commercial-grade chargers are more advanced as they are networked. They have software in them which has various features like payment and billing, access control, maximum session limits and much more.Installation of an EV charger in an apartment needs proper research and there are steps that need to be taken before installing one. There are various role-players throughout the whole process which includes an electrical engineer, an architect and an electrician. With an experienced and skilled team, the project can be executed efficiently and successfully.

For many years now Go Electrical has been providing exemplary services in the electrical installation of EV chargers for home as well as for officers or commercial use. The team at Go Electrical is highly proficient and trained. They have been fully committed in rendering end-to-end services to all their clients.

If you have been looking to install EV charger at apartment Go Electrical will be one you will need. Contact us today for complete installation of EV charger.

Customer Notice

When calculating a finance price, please note 20% of your original price must to added to your total to cover finance fees.

Installation lead time - approx 8 days