EV chargers: tethered vs. Untethered. Which one to go for?

Electric vehicle chargers are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and technological characteristics. Additionally, connected and untethered electric car chargers are also available. And if you just bought an electric car, you might be asking what makes the two different. What is superior?

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A tethered EV charger: what is it? 

A tethered charger, in essence, has the charging cord firmly fastened to the device. And no matter how hard you try; you won’t be able to take the charging cord out. It’s important to note that the unit comes with a free tethered charging wire. The length of the cable given varies, though typically ranges from two to 10 meters, depending on the manufacturer. Having said that, it should go without saying that a charger will cost more the longer the wire.

What advantages tethered EV chargers have?

  • Facilitation 

One of the key benefits of having a tethered EV charging point is that the charging wire is accessible and you don’t have to fuss with attaching and unplugging it. This is especially useful when it’s rainy or snowy outdoors and every second counts because the charging wire is already there and prepared for you.

Furthermore, having a tethered connection is advantageous when you are pressed for time because no one wants to waste time looking for a lost cable when they are already behind schedule.

  • Protection from Theft

Compared to untethered EV home chargers, tethered EV home chargers offer an additional degree of theft prevention for your home EV charger. With tethered units, the cable is integrated into the device itself, making it impossible to steal.

The cost of EV charging cables is not the lowest, and they might be expensive to replace. Untethered EV chargers, of course, frequently incorporate intelligent features that add a layer of security, like cable locks or pin protection. However, a tethered charger is definitely your best option if you want constant, long-term protection against cable theft.

An untethered EV charger is what?

An untethered electric car charger is one in which the charging cable is not permanently connected, also known as a “non-tethered” or “socketed” charger because it is distinct from the EV charging unit. You will need to plug one end into the charger and the other into your EV each time you wish to use it. With an untethered device, you can either utilise the cord supplied by the automobile manufacturer or buy it separately. 

Advantages of tethered-free EV chargers

  • Versatility

The versatility of an untethered home EV charger is greater than that of a tethered device. Your charging cord can be used not just at home, but also when you are out and about.

You can top up at any facility that offers socketed chargers, such as a public charging station, an EV charging station at work, or even a friend’s house (although this depends on whether your vehicle’s connector is Type 1 or Type 2). Unfortunately, tethered units are unable to provide this flexibility.

  • Then and Now

You can make sure your EV charger is future-proof because the unattached cord is not attached to the device. Hence, if you decide to switch to another EV in the future, you may do so without having to worry about buying a brand-new EV charging station.

Additionally, unlike with a tethered charger, you are not required to buy a new EV if you feel your charging cable is too short, or too long, or if you simply want a change. 

Does one excel over the other?

Tethered chargers are not, in our opinion, superior to untethered chargers for electric vehicles, and vice versa; the choice is ultimately dependent upon your personal preferences, financial situation, and the aesthetic you are going for.

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