Tips for Installing a Home Charging Station

As the use of electric vehicles is on the rise in Dublin, a need has emerged for safe, quick and convenient charging stations. And, what’s more fitting than an electric vehicle charger right at home?

If you’ve recently purchased an electric vehicle, and you’re looking for charging station installation at home, here are some tips and tricks you may want to consider:

  1. Choosing a place for electrical charging point installation: Predictably, a garage would be the most appropriate place for home charger installation for an electric vehicle. But if you’re short on space, or don’t have a garage, get a commercial electrical to find the most suitable option for you. 
  2. Market analysis for the best charging station: All electric vehicles have varying needs, and even the capacity for electric charging point installation at home varies, hence, it is important that you know about the various chargers available and choose the best to fit your needs. 
  3. Cost: One of the key factors is the cost involved in home charger installation, hence, you can make a choice based on your budget. In fact, you can get a grant of €600 towards the cost of your electric car charger after it’s been installed and certified. Know more here.
  4. Warranty and customer support: Always check the warranty period as well as the customer service available for the charger you install. It is recommended to buy and get charging station installation done from someone who is locally available and provides high-quality services. The warranty may vary depending on the type of charger you buy. 
  5. Establish your need: While the fundamental job of any electric vehicle charger remains the same, some come with a few extra features, such as a WiFi enabled charger which can be controlled with your smartphone. Assess your needs and buy the charger, if you think a WiFi-enabled charger is better for your home, go ahead, but remember, this means higher cost as well. Otherwise, you can always a go for a more basic version.

Charging station installation at home

If you’re looking for home charger installation, Go Electrical is the way to go. Choose from our range of EV Car Chargers. All of our electric car chargers are at least 7.2kW. They help you charge quickly at home and are designed to work with all type 2 electric vehicles. Our chargers are designed and built to the highest standards. Our SEAI Grant approved chargers come with manufacturer guarantee for total peace of mind.

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Go Electrical has a team of electricians who are experienced in both home and commercial electrical services with excellent knowledge of electrical installations, wiring and appliances. You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp, live chat or email. It is as simple as a click of a button. You can visit, call us on 087 4082481 to request a call back, or leave us an email at The electrical contractor will be at your doorstep at the said time as per the appointment fixed. 

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