Trends and Expectations of the Electric Vehicle Market in Ireland

Electric vehicles are the next big thing in the auto industry globally. Everyone has their eyes set on what’s coming next! Lots of people are choosing EV for various reasons such as cost-efficiency, environmental benefits, etc. This consciousness has come at a good time when the world, including Ireland, is trying to address the challenges posed by climate change and global warming.

Here are some interesting EV trends globally as well as in Ireland:

  1. Electric car registrations saw a rise in major markets in 2020 despite the pandemic.
  2. Europe saw 1.4 million new registrations followed by China with 1.2 million registrations and the United States with 295 000 new electric cars registration.
  3. Interestingly, Europe overtook China as the biggest market in 2020.
  4. China and Europe
  5. In Ireland, new car sales up 25% as demand for electric vehicles surged and Hybrids now account for over 25% of the new car market.
  6. In 2021, The surge in all-electric car sales continued with more than 7,000 registrations till August 2021 alone.

To encourage this trend further, the Government of Ireland offers a €5000 grant to buy an electric car which costs no more than €20,000. Moreover, smaller grants for lower priced electric cars also available.

And, if an EV owner wishes to install EV charger at their apartment or is looking for commercial EV charger installation as a business venture can get an additional grant of €600 is available.

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