Your Complete Guide to Installing an Electric Vehicle Commercial Charger

Ireland is seeing a significant increase in the number of electric vehicles (EV). More people are becoming conscious of leaving a better planet for the generations to come. As a commercial business owner, how can you contribute towards this positive and much-need trend? It’s simple, install an electric vehicle commercial charger. This way you not only make a contribution towards a greener planet but also encourage more people to take the plunge. Predictably, more people are looking to install an EV charger at the apartment or place of work.

Here’s all you need to consider before getting an electric vehicle commercial charger installed at your place of business or home:

  1. Suitable places for a commercial charger: Commercial centers like shopping malls, office buildings, and other places of public gathering can make a good spot for a EV charger. This will allow people to run their errands, get to work or have a good time with their family while their car charges. As a commercial entity, your center will become a preferred place among electric car users which will also benefit your business. If you like to leave the apartment with fully battery, consider getting in touch with an EV charger installer
  2. Type of commercial EV chargers: Before you get the charger installed, it is important that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the available options. The type of charger you need may depend on the speed of charging it offers or its portability. If you’re looking to install a EV charger at the apartment or your business, the type of charger you install may vary. The electrical contractors at Go Electrical can help you choose. 
  3. Cost involved in installing EV charger: The biggest factor for installing an EV charger for most people would be the cost involved. There are various factors which impact the cost, such as the existing electrical infrastructure in the building, labor cost, data connectivity, location of the apartment / commercial building. But don’t worry, you can get an estimate of the cost from Go Electrical before you install the EV charger at the apartment or at a workplace. 

If you’re looking for a EV car charger installer nearby, look no further, reach out to us at Go Electrical today. We provide top quality services and various packages to best meet your requirement. We have the best EV charger installers in Dublin and Wicklow. 

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