Over 80% of EV charging is done either at workplaces or at homes.

Almost all EV owners prefer investing in electric car charging home installation as convenient and time-saving. Go Electrical brings the best EV home chargers available in the Ireland Market today, which offers a safe, secure and straightforward EV home charging experience.

Electric Car Charger Home Installation

Why Do you want to settle for a slow EV home charger that takes up an entire day or maybe, even more, to charge up your EV fully?

You want a super-fast EV home charger that gets your EV charged up quickly, saving your time and preparing your EVs to conquer the road earlier than expected!

The Best EV Home Charger Installation

GO Electrical is proud to be one of the most reputed electric car charger home installations and service provider companies in Dublin, Ireland.

We offer a wide range of products that perfectly suit your EV home charger needs.

All our EV chargers approve to last even in the toughest of weather conditions.

Our Customers can choose from our range of EV car chargers exhibiting superior quality and performance. All our electric car chargers, be it for home or commercial use, are at least 7.2KW. Our Ev home chargers offer quick EV home charging solutions designed for high compatibility with all type 2 electric vehicles. Our EV home charger range is designed and built with the highest standards. Also, Our SEAI Grant Approved EV chargers come along with a solid manufacturer guarantee.

Home Charger Installation

Go Electrical is committed to delivering a quality home charger installation process that is perfectly guided by our EV charger installers and taking place in a professional, responsible and hassle-free manner. Our home charger installation team is professionally trained, having immense knowledge and experience in EV home charger installations. They understand the complexities of installing any EV charger and keep you up to date throughout the EV home charger installation process. We are here to clear out all your doubts and fears and help you prepare for using your EV home chargers correctly.

Electric Car Charging Home Installation

Take a look at the advantages of investing in electric car charger home installation

  • Super Fast EV Charging At Your Homes
  • Affordable & Convenient EV Charging
  • Practical Charging Option
  • A Safer & Secure Charging Option


The Home Charge Point Gets Installed On An External Wall That Is Close To Where Your Car Is Parked. In Case You Live In An Apartment Without A Parking Space, Or In A Terrace House With A Public Footpath At Your Front Door, Then It Might Be Difficult To Get A Home Charge Point Installed.

Yes, you can easily disconnect your EV at any given time during the charging process.

With EVs, there are three charging options

  • Home Charging – 6-8* hours
  • Public Charging-2-6* hours
  • Fast Charging That Can Take As Little As 25 Minutes For Achieving an 80% Charge.

It all depends upon the different sizes and types of battery sizes of electric cars.

The SEAI Grant has to be applied for and approved before installing an EV charger at your home. You can visit the SEAI website for all grant application details.

Customer Notice

When calculating a finance price, please note 20% of your original price must to added to your total to cover finance fees.

Installation lead time - approx 8 days