Wallbox Copper SB | Type 2 | 7.4 – 22kW

  • Electrify your commercial parking.
  • Compatible with all type electric cars
  • Compact and resistant
  • RFID card reader
  • Always connected via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G or Bluetooth
  • Untethered

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Electric Car ChargersWallbox Chargers

Durable and flexible EV charging

Wallbox Copper SB is designed to provide versatility, reliability and elegance for businesses looking to electrify their commercial parking.

The Copper SB charger guarantees EV drivers’ satisfaction thanks to its integrated socket, enabling EV charging for any electric vehicle on the market. Choose who accesses your charger with the RFID card reader and easily connect to the charger with the myWallbox app.

Its great-looking design achieves an IK10 rating certification, making it ideal for exterior environments.

Its clipping system and easy handling allow for effortless and fast deployment of multiple charging points.

A high charger uptime is achieved with the remote operation tools in myWallbox platform and its multiple connectivity options.

Connect both Type 1 and Type 2 vehicles to its Type 2 socket

Compatible with your employee’s company cards and major mobility provider cards.

Copper SB is always connected, thanks to Wi-Fi, Ethernet , 4G connectivity or Bluetooth.

7,4 kW (single-phase) / 22 kW (three-phase)

General Specifications

Connector type:
Type 2 Socket
Charging Mode:
(IEC 61851-1) Mode 3
260 x 192 x 113 mm
2 kg
Operating Temperature:
-25 ºC to 40 ºC
Standards CE mark:
(LVD 2014/35/EU, EMCD 2014/30/EU),EC 61851-1, IEC 61851-21-2, IEC 62196-2

Electrical Specifications

Maximum Charging Power:
7,4 kW (single-phase) / 22 kW (three-phase)
Rated Volta AC +10%:
400 V
Rated Current:
32 A (Both Single-phase and three-phase)
Cable Section:
Up to 5x10mm2
Configurable Current:
from 6 A to rated current
Protection Rating:
IP54 / IK10
Surge Category:
Residual Current Detection:
DC 6 mA

Connectivity & User Interface

3G/4G connectivity (optional) / Wi-Fi / Ethernet / . Bluetooth
User Identification:
RFID Card / myWallbox app
User Interface:
myWallbox app & portal
Charger Status Information:
RGB LED / myWallbox app & portal
Compatible features:
Power Sharing / Power Boost / Dynamic Power Sharing / MID Meter
Communication Protocol:
myWallbox / OCPP 1.6j

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Customer Notice

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Installation lead time - approx 8 days