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Welcome to Go Electrical! We are one of the most trusted and reliable electrical installers of EV Chargers and EV Charging Solutions in the country.

We provide a comprehensive range of EV Chargers for your needs, whether you are looking for a simple plug and play charger or the most modern and technologically advanced electric car charger on the market – we have you covered. We can integrate solar panels, process your SEAI Grant, offer digital assessments and also have a range of EV Charger accessories. Partnered with Duntec who are our fully insured and Safe Electric Registered contractor, we guarantee a premium service.

Domestic or Commercial EV Charger Solutions

If you need an EV Charger for your home or an entire end to end solution for your workplace, we can cater to your needs. We offer full groundworks, payment and monetary solutions for work place EV Charging services. Contact us to discuss today!

Specialized EV Charger Installation Contractors in Dublin

Over the years, Go Electrical has achieved specialization in providing Electrical installation of EV Chargers and has built a team of highly-skilled, proficient, and trained electricians. Our electricians are fully qualified and insured and we are one of Ireland’s premium EV Charger Installers. We are committed to offering an end to end service to our clients, from initial assessment to complete installation of their EV Charger.

Whether it is installing a new car charger or swapping out an older model for the latest electric car charger, Go Electrical are here to provide a complete end to end service.

Our specialization includes:

  • Wallbox charger installation
  • EO Mini pro Installation
  • OHME Home Pro 2 installation
  • Zappi V2 installation
  • Hypervolt installation
  • Andersen installation
  • Maintenance and services
  • Commercial EV Charger installation
  • EV Grant application advice and processing
  • EV Charger solutions for business
  • Registered electrician in Dublin

Go Electrical is one of its kind EV Charger Installer committing to digitizing an outdated service. Our team of licensed and trained electricians offer premium workmanship at all times and our team ensures a high class service for you and your new EV Charger.

Expert Assessment and Advice

We are putting you in Charge! Contact us today to talk all things EV, buying a car charger can be confusing but we are here to give you the advice you need an initial assessment to ensure you are getting the right EV Charger for your home and car. We provide a free no obligation quote online or through WhatsApp and are here to chat about the needs you have for your EV and new EV Charger.






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Compatible with all plug-in Electric Vehicles Manufacturers

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ev car chargers compatible with...

If your car make is not here please contact us.

Customer Notice

When calculating a finance price, please note 20% of your original price must to added to your total to cover finance fees.

Installation lead time - approx 8 days