Hit The Road Fully Charged With Goelectrical’s EV Chargers!

Electric Car Charger Installation

Goelectrical Specializes in electric car charger installations.

We are proud to be known as Ireland’s best car chargers suppliers & installers.

We offer the following car charger installation services:

  • Home Electric Car Charger Installation
  • Commercial Electric car charger installation

All our electric car chargers are at least 7.2 kW, offer a quick charger, and are compatible with all type 2 electric vehicles. All our EV chargers offer world-class design and usage and never disappoint our customers. We at Goelectrical believe in offering a quick, hassle-free and convenient electric car charger installation process.

At Geoelectrical, discover innovative and superior quality EV chargers for electric and hybrid cars.

Car Charger Installation

EVs are the cost-effective vehicles of the future and an environmentally friendly transport option. Our car charger installation team ensures that the entire process is executed responsibly and professionally. We aim at offering dependable electric vehicle charging solutions throughout Ireland that are easy to use.  Through our electric car charger installations, we strive to ensure that no electric vehicle in Ireland remains powerless. We want your EVs to be fully charged before hitting the roads!

Geoelectrical helps facilitate a grant of up to €600 towards all-electric chargers after installing and certification.

The Benefits Of Investing In Geoelectrical For Your Electric Car Charger Installations

  • A Convenient And Simple Installation Process
  • Consultation Services
  • A Quick Guide Through Of The Charging Systems
  • Superior Quality Customer Services
  • Affordable Electric Vehicle Car Charger


You must consider the following before purchasing an EV charger

  • Do you need the charger for a home or a business environment?
  • Why Connector Type Do You Require (Type 1 or Type 2)
  • Are Aesthetics Important For You?
  • Do You Want A Smart Charger?

Your EV charging speed depends upon The rated power and the battery capacity of your selected EV.

Power outputs can vary from the electricity grid.

A tethered cable is a cable that is fixed to the EV charger, wherein the other end is connected to the EV.

A non-tethered EV charger is where the cable is not permanently connected and must be inserted for every use.

A non-tethered cable offers greater flexibility where you can easily switch between Type 1 and Type 2 cables. It can also be used at workplaces and for on the go charges.

But in case you prefer the convenience of a fixed cable, then our tethered EV chargers will meet your needs.66

An unconnected EV charger is simply a piece of hardware that charges your EVs in line with rated power capabilities.

A Smart charger adds additional functionality typically accessed via a mobile app that allows users to monitor usage, set stop/start times from benefiting from lower electricity rates, or receive notifications on charging milestones/ time left for a full charge.

Customer Notice

When calculating a finance price, please note 20% of your original price must to added to your total to cover finance fees.

Installation lead time - approx 8 days