Can I install my own EV charging point?
No, you can’t install your own EV charging point unless you’re an electrician with experience in installing EV chargers. Don’t do Yourself.

Can I order online EV Car Chargers in Dublin & Wicklow?
Yes, You can easily order online for electrical car chargers in Dublin & Wicklow.

Can I install EV Charger at my apartments?
Surely you can install EV charger at your home. Many EV owners prefer charging their EVs at home owing to their convenience. almost 80% of EV charging takes place either at workplaces or at home.

What is the cost for electric car charging station installation at home?
The installation cost depends on the amount of electrical and civil work required. Even cable runs impact cost, that is, the longer the cable run required, the higher the expense.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Commercial EV chargers?
EV chargers in commercial spaces attract more customers and Installing commercial EV chargers is an excellent way of showing your support to the environment and protecting it.

What are the advantages of hiring a commercial electrician for EV charger installation?
There are multiple benefits of hiring a commercial electrician such as Time- and cost-effective, Safety, well-Trained, and certified commercial electrician.

Can I carry out EV charger installations?
If you want to install EV charge points then you will need to be a qualified and competent electrician.

Customer Notice

When calculating a finance price, please note 20% of your original price must to added to your total to cover finance fees.

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