Electric Car Charger Grants

Get a grant of up to €600 towards the cost of your electric car charger after it’s been installed and certified.

Please note chargers have to be paid in full before the grant is received, you have to have the charger installed and certified to get the completion cert. The grant is then received and applied against your installation costs.


1. Apply For a Grant


2. Receive Letter of Offer

Receive the letter of offer from the SEAI you have 6 months to complete works.

3. Notify Us

Notify us that you have received the letter so we can proceed with payment and installation.

4. Payment

We issue invoice for full payment

5. Installation

Installation day and time is confirmed and unit is installed by one of our Safe Electric registered electricians

6. Certification

Certificate Number 3 issued from Electrician

7. Customer Sends Documentation

Customer submits all required documentation to SEAI (outlined on SEAI website)

8. Grant is Processed & Paid

Once all documentation is approved the Grant payment is processed within 6-8 weeks

9. Completion

No more hassle, charge at home while you sleep! You will enter our incredible and amazing CRM system for more amazing smart products.


Claim up to €600

1. The SEAI have set up an Electric Vehicle Home Charger grant allowing you to claim €600 against the cost of your charger unit after installation and certification by Go Electrical engineers. Do Not Commence any work before the start date of your letter of offer or you will not receive grant support for it.

Check if you are eligible before you apply

2. Before you apply, check you are eligible for the grant by Checking the Eligibility Criteria laid out by the SEAI below including verification that your EV is on the grant eligible list.
Click here to see the eligibility criteria.

Step by step process

3. Check the Step by Step process involved in the application before applying to make sure you are away of all steps involved you can read more here.

Apply online through the SEAI

4. To apply online through the SEAI please click here.


Customer Notice

When calculating a finance price, please note 20% of your original price must to added to your total to cover finance fees.

Installation lead time - approx 8 days