Here’s Your Guide to Electric Car Charger Installation at Home

Electric cars are the future. People have started investing in this alternative transportation option. And why not? Its very many benefits are well-documented, such as, they have lower carbon footprint, they’re better for the climate in the short- and the long-run, haveadaptability to different vehicles (bus, cars, scooters) etc. 

While there is noted expansion in the use of commercial electric vehicles, more and more families are also choosing the option by procuring an electric car. 

However, one of the things you absolutely need for an electric car is an electric car charger. Here’s everything you need to know about an electric car charger:

  1. You can install an electric car charger anywhere. It can be installed at home, office or any other establishment.
  2. If you have an electric car already, you might already have an electric car charger. But do you know how it works? An electric car charger installation at home is carried out by an expert. The battery is within the cap and must be wired to an external electric car charger point in yourvehicle for work. The EVSE is an energy source connected to the EV charger. Some may befixed to a wall, while others are placed on a metal rod.
  3. If you choose the option of electric car charger installation at home then the EVSE should be in the garage, or where the car is parked. The bulk of the cables stretchfrom 15 to 25 feet deep so that this can be taken into account. The cable can be extended by the installer if the setup needs to be a distance from your car.
  4. It is recommended to hire an experienced electrical contractor to install the electric car charger at home as they will do a complete recce and provide the most efficient solution best-suited for your home. 
  5. One of the biggest benefits of an electric car charger installed at home is its convenience. Just put the car to charge at night and you’re set in the morning.

Electric car charge installation at home

If you have an electric car and wish to get an electric car charger installation at home, reach out to us at Go Electrical for an experienced electrical contractor. We provide many special packages and services as per specific requirements. 

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