How Can an EV Charger Cable be Extended?

The EV charging infrastructure is developing across the globe at a very rapid pace. However, most of the EV charging cables that are given to you when you purchase the electric vehicle car is only 7 or 10 metres long which is short if you are going to charge your vehicle at a public charging station. Here is when the EV charger extension cable comes into the picture.

In this blog, you will get all the information that you need to extend and buy EV charging extension cable.

Can your Original EV Charging Cable be Extended?

Yes, your original EV charging cable can be extended. Most of the charging cables which are usually purchased with the car are only 10 metres long, which is a perfect length for charging your motor vehicle at home or in an apartment parking.  If you plan to charge your vehicle even outside the home, then having a long EV cable is suggested. Without a long charging cable, you will face a lot of difficulties while charging at a public charging station or on a sidewalk.

There are two ways to have a longer EV charging cable. The first option is to buy a long charging cable. Nowadays you get EV charging cables that are as long as 25ft. This option is a bit expensive. The second option is to use an extension. This is a cost-effective way of increasing the length of your charging cable. The one end of the car extension cord connects to the main charger, and the other end links to the charging port of your EV. The EV charger extension cable is very similar to the mobile connector chargers and the extension boards that we all use in our day to day lives.

Why should you Buy EV Charger Extension Cable?

Using an EV charger extension cable has many benefits and out of those benefits, the major one is flexibility. These extension cables are available in a wide range of lengths at Go Electricals Dublin. You can choose from these lengths as per your requirements. Also, these come in a variety of power ratings. Go for an extension cable that has the same power rating as your main charger.

It is advised to only use an extension charging cable to attach to your original EV charger, rather than extending your charging cable with another charging cable as that could lead to a loose connection.

Using an extension cable to increase the length of your EV charging cable can be very useful. Not only does it offer more charging flexibility but also convenience. With an extended cable, you can always park your vehicle a little far away from the charging station and still charge your EV seamlessly. Most of the EV companies sell a vehicle with short charging cable which is only suitable to charge at home and not outside home. With extension cables, one can extend their EV charger cable and charge without any kind of hassles. However, when you buy an extension cable, be careful with the power rating of the extension cable. The right power-rated cable can keep your charger healthy and increase its life.

Go Electricals has the most superior quality EV accessories in town. Look no further if you are planning to buy EV charger extension cable. Go Electricals will surely not disappoint you with its quality and services.

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