Upgrade Your Business with An EV Charger Today

Upgrade Your Business with An EV Charger Today

As businesses come back to life after the pandemic, new revenue streams have become important to make up for the losses incurred due to the numerous lockdowns. A lucrative option for business owners across Ireland is to explore the option of installing EV chargers at their commercial centre such as restaurant, gas station, other commercial buildings. It is becoming a much-needed service due to the significant rise in the number of electric vehicle (EV) on the roads.

If EV charging station installation interests you as an option for your business and revenue, but don’t know how to go about it, we are here to help. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Regulations followed in the commercial centre: First and foremost, get familiar with the regulations of the commercial building where you’re located. Check with the right stakeholder about the regulations and policies in place with respect to EV charging station installation. It is also important to get clarity on components such as the electricity bill, bearing other costs, policies around use of space, etc.
  2. Understanding the EV charger market: Once the rules are in the clear and you are ready to install the EV charger, it is time to understand the options available. Get an expert such as GoElectrical and get a thorough understanding of the charges available, the difference between them and the criteria to choose the right charger for your business. This will also give you an understanding of the costs involved.
  3. Costing and Budgeting: Now that you are aware of the chargers available and the costs involved in buying it and installing it, get a hold of the budget and ensure that you don’t go overboard as building up revenue from this income stream can take time. Always budget to buy a charger as well as EV charging station installation, servicing, and maintenance.
  4. Location: Commercial areas are large and it is unlikely that a charger can be installed anywhere. Get an expert electrician from GoElectrical to help identify the right location for charging station installation based on availability of electrical supply, feasibility, space, etc.
  5. Grants available from the government: The Government of Ireland offers various grants to buy an EV as well as installing an EV charger. Do explore the options as it can make EV charging station installation a cost-effective option for you.

Once you’ve decided, the charger you want to buy and gained clarity on all the protocols involved with respect to safety, installation and other rules and regulations, it is best to hire a qualified professional for EV charging station installation.

If you’re looking for an EV car charger installer nearby, look no further, reach out to us at Go Electrical today. We provide top quality services and various packages to best meet your requirement. We have the best EV charger installers for commercial use in Dublin and Wicklow. You can visit https://www.goelectrical.ie/contact-us/, call us on 087 4082481 to request a call back, or leave us an email at info@goelectrical.ie. The electrical contractor will be at your doorstep at the said time as per the appointment fixed.

Customer Notice

When calculating a finance price, please note 20% of your original price must to added to your total to cover finance fees.

Installation lead time - approx 8 days